The name “Bhakthi Manjari” is derived from words “Bhakthi” meaning devotion and “Manjari” meaning ” to blossom”. As the name indicates, “Bhakthi Manjari” will sow the seeds of devotion in the hearts of young Radha_Krishna3children, so that these seeds may blossom into spiritual maturity.

One of the ways we hope to accomplish this is by teaching children to recite and chant a wide variety of slokas and bhajans during weekly classes. Aside from the religious angle, these learning experiences will hone children’s memorization skills and help their pronunciation and diction. Bhajan singing is a form of meditation too, and often kindles an interest in traditional music, and improves children’s sense of rhythm and tune.

Children will be exposed to the richness of our ancient heritage and our colorful history by using a rich tapestry of stories and activities. Interactive discussions will be held on Indian values through mythological and folk stories. Children will be encouraged to share the cross-cultural issues that they experience in their daily lives. Bhakti Manjari will place great emphasis in celebrating Indian festivals and selected American holidays. During these events parental participation will be greatly encouraged.

Bhakti Manjari endeavors to give our children strong roots in Indian culture and encourage them in preserving our heritage.